Fresh Tracks: Duplekita and PF1 collaborate on propulsive EP

The resulting EP exemplifies the two sides’ more poppier aspects. This collection of seven bedroom electronic-pop songs was recorded to sound as invigorating on the dance floors as it is through a set of headphones. Batke and Fuellbrandt are no strangers to electronic sounds, but Something Borrowed leans heavily into contemporary music, while sanding away much of the rougher edges of their solo recordings. The collaboration has paid off as well, as the two are proud to say one of their songs is used in the new season of The Morning Show on Apple TV.

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Vocals are heavily processed throughout Something Borrowed, landing in a sweet spot between AutoTuned club bangers and introspective weirdo screeds. Organic instruments such as an electronic guitar balance out the heavily synthesized sounds, giving the songs personality without becoming plastic background noises.

The first album single, If It’s Not For Everyone (I Don’t Want It), is a poppy plea for someone (something?) not to leave. “If it’s not for everyone if we’re not together I don’t want it,” pleads the singer across vibrant keyboards and plucky percussion that culminates in a “super hits of the 1980s” sampler pack sounds, including a soaring saxophone solo from Micah Slavens. Faint background cooing calls to mind Ben Gibbard’s similar indie pop side project, The Postal Service. 

Always/Never opens the album with a blast of jaunty pop music, replete with world music flute sounds. Layers upon layers of drum tracks dance over digital horns and glitchy laptop sounds, creating a sunny explosion of audio euphoria. Tsk Tsk finds the musicians in an introspective mood, dialling back the tempo to find a groove over pillowy synth patches and compressed handclaps, while the bopping title track could convincingly pass as a B-side from a now-forgotten synth-pop act from 40 years ago.

Duplekita and FP1’s new EP Something Borrowed. Photo by supplied

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