Fresh Tracks: New releases from Taylor-Rae, Jane Penny, Ceileigh Cardinal and Beppie

Jane Penny hails from Edmonton but has found fame as a co-founder of Montreal’s indie-rock darlings TOPS. Penny has now branched out on her own with her debut solo EP Surfacing. Whereas TOPS’ music is largely rock with poppy flourishes, Penny leans into the synths and atmospheres on this fresh batch of songs.

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Jane Penny’s debut EP Surfacing is out now. Photo by Kirk Lisaj /supplied

Written, produced and recorded by Penny, Surfacing was crafted while she was acting as a caretaker for her bed-ridden partner at the time. Built on synths, samples, drum machines and flute, Surfacing takes Penny’s coy vocal stylings and applies it to ethereal and atmospheric tracks. Songs such as Messages and Wear You Out are catchy and uptempo, allowing Penny’s singing to float and twirl between lilting bass lines and plinking keyboards. Other songs such as Accelerate Slowly are an existential crisis set to an ambient soundscape.

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Beppie: Reset

Local children’s musician and educator Beppie (Stephanie Nhan) is gearing up to release her sixth album, Reset.

The album expands Beppie’s repertoire for music for the little ones that goes above and beyond the repetitive garbage the younger set gravitates toward on YouTube.

“Reset is a vibrant mosaic of musical adventure. From an adorable lullaby for robots to a spirited punk rock anthem celebrating plants, and even a lively hip hop ode to the joy of getting a dog, it’s a kaleidoscope of genres and themes,” says Beppie in a press release. “Throughout the album there’s a unifying thread of well-being and mindfulness, addressing themes ranging from anxiety and mental health to environmental consciousness, the importance of sleep, and the vitality of movement.”

Reset will be available April 12.

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