"Gutted for Boeser": Hockey world reacts to Brock Boeser missing Game 7 due to blood clot issues

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News that top-line Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser will miss Game 7 due to blood clotting issues hit the hockey world hard on Sunday.

The story broke on social media by Vancouver hockey commenatator Irfaan Gaffar.

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Here is some of the reaction in Vancouver, Edmonton and around the NHL:

Vancouver sports commentator Irfaan Gaffar@irfgaffar
Brock Boeser will not be available for the Canucks in game seven on Monday. If they advance, his status moving forward is unclear… Yes, it’s a blood clotting issue. Again, this is not career or life-threatening, thankfully. They are going to take it slow and see how Brock progresses.

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NHL News @PuckReportNHL
“ancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser is expected to miss Game 7 against Edmonton with a blood clotting issue. The exact timeline for his return is unknown, but several sources stressed this, thankfully, is not considered a life-threatening situation.

Vancouver hockey writer  Daniel Wagner @passittobulis
Devastating news for Brock Boeser and the Canucks. All that matters now is Boeser’s long-term health.

The Cult of Hockey’s Kurt Leavins @KurtLeavins
Never want to see this, no matter who you cheer for. Hoping for a full recovery for Boeser.

Vancouver fan Rob Sampare Brotchie @canucker101
Get well Canucks Brock Boeser.

Sports gambling analyst Rachel Doerrie @racheldoerrie

Gutted for Boeser. He’s been through so much the past few years. Loved watching him have the fantastic bounce back this season. Hockey doesn’t matter in these moments. Just hoping Brock gets healthy 🙏🏻⭐️🥦🚀
I can’t believe this needs to be said, but it does: the nature of Boeser’s blood clot is no one’s business and we don’t need to add ;vaccine conspiracy theories’ to the nuclear toxic wasteland that is Canucks/Oilers Twitter right now. Hope for a speedy recovery & leave it there.

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Canucks fan Alece Anderson @AleceAnderson
I’m so sad for him… it’s just one thing after the other. Hope he’s gonna be ok ❤️

Daniel Wagner @passittobulis
Win it for Boeser.

Sportsent commtenator Randip Janda @RandipJanda
Awful news on the Brock Boeser front. Luckily it’s not life threatening, but scary nonetheless. Wishing him a speedy recovery and return to full health.

Oilers fan Reese Campbell @LarisseAtalie
As an Oilers fan – I wish Boeser nothing but the best as he navigates his health stuff. When he first came to the YVR, he lived in a hotel I managed (all the young Canucks did)& he and his family were nothing but kind and warm to the hotel staff. This was rare and so appreciated.

Sportsnet radio play-by-paly  Brendan Batchelor @BatchHockey 
You just have to feel awful for Brock Boeser. He’s overcome so much adversity and had such a tremendous season. Hoping for a speedy and full recovery for him. Just a brutal blow to have this happen right now.

Vancouver sports commentator Brendan Kobliuk JABO Vancouver
Playoffs are about heroes. Some heroes you see coming, and others you would never have expected. Hopefully there are guys in that dressing room who are looking at Brock Boeser’s absence as their opportunity to step up and be that hero. This team will need it.

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Oilers fan Brock W. Harrison @BrockWHarrison
Yikes. As much as I want the Oilers to win, and as much as Boeser has dominated them at times this series, you never ever want to see this.

Sportsnet commetator Iain MacIntyre @imacSportsnet
Got to feel awful for Brock. Longest-tenured Canuck, who emerged better and stronger after two years of anguish…. It’s like the hockey gods convened a special meeting. They were not happy. They were like, “You mean, the Canucks might still win this thing with their third-string goalie?! What else can we do? Brock Boeser!”

TSN reporter Farhan Lalji
Big loss for #Canucks leading playoff goal scorer. Even if the team makes it through game 7 it doesn’t sound like Boeser’s return would be imminent. The team’s playoff mantra has been, “Resilient.” That would have been put to the test Monday night regardless, now even more so.

Canucks fan Trent Leith @trentl14
You’ve gotta be kidding me. Brock Boeser finally reached his potential as a 40+ goal scorer, is tied for fourth in playoffs scoring with 7 goals in 12 games. Then he has to leave the series right before a crucial game seven at home. This poor guy can’t catch a break. #Canucks

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OIlers fan X-JESSE @97OrangeCrush29
🙏 speedy recovery to Brock Boeser. All the best.

– Oil Country

Canucks fan 𝕐 – 𝔾𝕞𝕒𝕟✨ @NotoriousGman88
No Boeser
No Demko. If the Canucks pull if off, that would be MASSIVE!

The Cult of Hockey’s David Staples @dstaples
Brock Boeser damn impressive this series, both shooting the puck but also defending. Reminded me of Jari Kurri now and then… Wishing him well in recovery from blood clotting issue.

Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch (asked what it’s like to lose a top player suddenly):
It’s amazing when you lose a player like that — obviously you look at your line-up is weaker just without a top player. I’ve seen it numerous times. — but it’s amazing how guys steps up. Everyone steps up and collectively. Sometimes you’re just a beter team. In the long term it’s not a recipe for success, but short term, you look what happened at the Boston series losing (Brad( Marchand (to injury)(. Yeah, we got to be ready…We have to anticipate a team that is going to be really stepping up their game.”

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