RCMP link Calgary murders to American serial killer who died in prison; believe there are more victims

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The remains of the man believed to be Canada’s latest serial killer lie buried in a potter’s field behind an Idaho state prison.

Gary Allen Srery died there more than a dozen years ago, a convicted rapist, unclaimed by family.

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Now, police in Alberta are seeking to hold Srery accountable, in death, for the murder of four young women and girls in Calgary, 50 years ago.

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On Friday, RCMP historical homicide investigators announced they had “definitively” established Srery was responsible for the murders of Eva Dvorak, Patricia McQueen, Melissa Rehorek and Barbara MacLean, whose bodies were found dumped around Calgary between 1976 and 1977.

Police reached the conclusion through genetic genealogy analysis of DNA found on all four victims. They believe Srery — an American citizen who absconded to Canada in 1974 after being charged with rape in Los Angeles — may be responsible for “many more” homicides and rapes across the Western United States and Canada.

Particularly worrisome for Staff Sgt. Travis McKenzie, head of the Alberta RCMP historical homicide unit, is the period from 1974 and 1996 — when the convicted serial rapist was in Canada and dropped off police radar.

“He has a consistent pattern of regularly committing sexual-based offences (in the U.S.), getting charged, getting convicted,” McKenzie told a news conference in Edmonton. “And then when he comes to Canada, it’s almost like he disappears. So our biggest concern is there are other victims out there we don’t know about.”

“It pains us that he’s dead. I’d love nothing more than to be standing here before you and tell you we just put handcuffs on this guy,” he added. “But unfortunately, that’s not the way this one ends.”


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Photo of Gary Allen Srery, who police in Alberta have linked to the murders of four Calgary women in the 1970s. Photo by Spokane Spokesman-Review /SR

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