Some Edmonton Oilers fans obsessed with superstitions during run for the Stanley Cup

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When your team is in the Stanley Cup Final, superstitions can inspre fans to do some outlandish things, like wearing special underwear, drinking from a specific glass, or anything else they think will give their team the edge.

With the Edmonton Oilers chasing the coveted Stanley Cup for the first time in 18 years, fans from across Canada are leaning into their superstitions. A recent survey conducted by Canadian gambling site found that wearing a certain colour was ranked as the highest superstition reported by fans to help the Edmonton Oilers win.

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The site surveyed 1,000 Edmonton Oiler fans from across Canada and found that 35.7 per cent of respondents said that wearing a certain colour was their way of helping bring the cup home.

While the superstitions aren’t likely to change the team’s performance, it hasn’t stopped fans from feeding their fandom by doing whatever they can to help.

Wearing a special piece of clothing, like a jersey, hat, or underwear, was their way of helping for 21.4 per cent of respondents to the survey.

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Doing an athletic routine would help the team’s chances for 14.5 per cent of respondants, narrowly edging out the 14.1 per cent of respondents from the top three who felt that listening to a lucky song helped the team.

Others felt that the power of the team stemmed from their eyes with 7.3 per cent of respondents saying they avoided watching penalties.

Finally, the last group of respondents felt that it was the company they kept that made the difference. Seven per cent reported avoiding watching games with a specific family member or friend.

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