"Tanev chose Dallas over Edmonton," Dallar Stars insider says of major NHL trade deadline deal

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Dallas Stars fans and commentators are frothy with excitement over the strong play of newcomer Chris Tanev. But there’s more reason for them to adore Tanev as his team heads into the Western Conference finals against the Edmonton Oilers.

At the 2024 trade deadline, Tanev reportedly chose to go to the Dallas Stars over the Edmonton Oilers, both teams being in hot pursuit of the talented shut-down right shot d-man.

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This in from former Oilers goalie Daryl “Razor” Reaugh, team broadcaster for the Dallas Stars.

“Only good things seem to transpire when he’s on the ice,” Reaugh said of Tanev, noting the Stars alternate Tanev and Miro Heiskanen on the right side. “They defend, then get the puck, and then (it’s) gone. Nothing bad seems to happen when he’s out there. Very little anyway. It’s going to be fascinating going forward. I think it was out there, right, the reporting when the trade deadline was approaching, he (Tanev) chose Dallas over Edmonton. The Oilers wanted him bad. And he chose Dallas. And now the two squads are going to face off, which is fantastic. He was worth everything they gave up to get him.”

My take

1. We can’t say with certainty that Reaugh’s information is infallible but it’s entirely credible. The Razor is as big a Dallas Stars insider as you will find. He’s been with the Stars broadcast team since 1996. In 2018 he created the Podman Rush podcast, the official podcast of the Dallas Stars.

2. Reaugh’s statement adds to the intrigue around the Tanev deal, which has been shrouded in rumour, conspiracy theory and recrimination. It’s never been conclusively reported why Calgary moved the player to Dallas, even as Edmonton seemingly offered more in trade than did Dallas.

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3. Tanev’s four-year contract  with Calgary at $4.5 million per season is up this summer. Not able to convince him to sing a new deal, Calgary moved Tanev in late February. As per his Calgary contract, Tanev had provided Flames GM Craig Conroy with a 10-team no-trade list.

The Stars acquired Tanev and had to pay just 75 per cent of his remaining cap hit. In return, Dallas gave up a 2024 second-round pick, a 2026 fourth-round pick, minor league d-man Artem Grushnikov and a conditional 2026 third-round pick.

4. The finalists for Tanev — the most attractive d-man on the market in February 2024 (and it wasn’t close) — were Dallas, Edmonton, Colorado, Vancouver and Toronto, reported The Athletic’s Pierre Lebrun.

The Flames had the offer of a first-round pick on the table for Tanev, LeBrun said. “I don’t know for sure which team it was that offered the first-round pick to Calgary with a player attached to it, but two teams that would make sense are Edmonton offering its first-round pick for Tanev as long as Calgary took Cody Ceci (signed through next season at a $3.25 million average annual value) and Colorado offering a first-round pick but wanting the Flames to take back Ryan Johansen (signed through next season at a $4 million AAV).”

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5. On the March 4 32 Thoughts podcast, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman said Edmonton indeed offered a first round pick for Tanev. “I do think they were in on Tanev and I will say this, I think Tanev was intrigued with the idea of playing in Edmonton. I do think it was something he considered and was something he was willing to do. And I also think that the Oilers offered the Flames a first round pick with the proviso that they had to take a player off Edmonton’s roster. And Calgary just didn’t want to do that.”

6. Edmonton’s failure to upgrade its blueline or bring in another top forward at the trade deadline brought some heat on Oilers GM Ken Holland. Former NHL GM Brian Lawton said on Oilers Now the Oilers had fallen a bit behind. “I would say it (Edmonton) didn’t keep up with the nuclear arms race in the Western Conference at this year’s playoff trade deadline.”

7. With Tanev now doing so well in Dallas, and with another ex-Flame Nikita Zadorov doing so well against the Oilers for Vancouver, there’s been no end of grumbling on social media about Flames GM Craig Conroy helping out Edmonton’s conference rivals Dallas and Vancouver and, essentially, sticking it to the Oilers. This is a conspiracy theory, of course, but it’s been fired up by Conroy turning down Edmonton’s reported offer for Tanev.

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8. But what if Reaugh has nailed it here? What if Tanev used the bargaining power of his no-trade list to have a major say over his trade destination,and simply chose Dallas over Edmonton? I’m just speculating but perhaps Tanev saw Dallas as a better Cup contender and a more likely place to get a new contract, given Dallas has more cap space this summer than Edmonton. Or maybe he just wanted to live in a place with lower taxes.

9. It’s evident Ken Holland made an excellent offer for Tanev. A first round pick is better than a second round pick. Ceci is a solid veteran with just a year left on his deal. On the face of it, it’s a better deal than what Dallas offered, but if Tanev called his own shot, that explains how he ended up in Dallas

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