The List: Local doc of one woman's inspiring fight against MS to screen with Q-and-A, afterparty

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A new documentary about one woman’s fight to overcome multiple sclerosis is getting a special screening Thursday at Landmark Cinemas.

Edmonton’s Patrycia Rzechowka was diagnosed with MS after waking up one morning with blurred vision. The disease is marked by inflammation in the brain and spinal cord, which causes lesions that randomly impact one’s physical and mental health. Rzechowka, a first-generation Polish-Canadian, stepped up with a courageous and inspiring fight against the disease, adopting an exercise-dense lifestyle and tirelessly fundraising for research, including participation in the MS Ride for the Cure bike tours. 

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Directed by Edmonton’s Kelly Wolfert, who also co-wrote and co-produced the project, the special screening of Fighting Through the Fog will conclude with a live Q-and-A with Rzechowka and Wolfert, followed by a VIP afterparty at District 102.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the film starts at 7 p.m. at Landmark in Edmonton city Centre (10200 102 Ave.) Tickets start at $22.63, and are an additional $10 for the afterparty at


Thru 11/9: Carl Philip: Animal Memories (Nina Haggarty)

11/10: Larry Reese (Trinity)

11/11-25: Stickman: Against the Wall (Sterling)

Through 11/17: Gisa Mayer: Home and Away (Bugera Matheson)

Thru 11/12: Boreal Barometer: The Art of Observation and Well-Being (AGA)

Thru 11/18: Devin Cypher: Watchings; Neah Kelly: Endlessly Unending (SNAP)

Thru 11/18: Steve Driscoll: A Place Like No Other (Peter Robertson)

Thru 11/18: Gary James Joynes: Sonic Suns (Peter Robertson)

11/18-12/9: Bolos and Boxes (Bay 1)

Thru 11/24: Taiessa: variegata (Harcourt)

11/25-12/7: Steve R. Coffey: An Exhibition of New Paintings (West End)

Thru 11/25: Adrienne Dagg: Crawling Sideways (Harcourt)

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Thru 11/25: Steve Driscoll: A Place Like No Other (Peter Robertson)

Thru 11/25: Ghost Stories (Ociciwan)

Thru 11/25: Heather Shillinglaw: ᒥᓂᐢᑎᐠ ᒥᐦᑭᓈ ᕁ my mind digs in the soil like a turtle (Art Gallery St. Albert)

Thru 12/1: Darren Emanau + Twlya Exner: A Force of Nature (Gallery@501)

12/8-16: 2023 Art-O-Rama (Harcourt)

Thru 12/8: Small Works group show (Collins)

Thru 12/9: Silent and Present group show (Bleeding Heart)

Thru 12/31: A Link with Nature: Early Botanical Photography; Second Skin (AGA)

Thru 12/31: Damian Moppett (AGA)


1/5-2/17: Andrzej Maciejewski: Ephemeral Fields ; Susan Diebel: Figuring It Out (Harcourt)

Thru 1/28: Ally McIntyre: Kindling (AGA)

Thru 1/28: The Collectors’ Cosmos: The Meakins-McClaran Print Collection (AGA)

2/3: Jadene Grimmon (Trinity)

2/17: Brett Miles (Trinity)

Thru 2/25: Uii Savage: Celestial Passage (AGA)

Thru 3/3: Between Things: Alberta Ceramics (AGA)

Thru 3/10: ᐋᐧᐸᑲᐧᓃᐊᐧᐣ Wâpakwanîwin (To bloom, it has many flowers) (AGA)

3/16: Terri Heinrichs (Trinity)

4/6: Nancy Corrigan (Trinity)


11/14: Danielle Matcalfe-Chenail’s Freddy the Flyer launch (Audreys)

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11/18: Jaymie Heilman’s Badass(ish) signing (Audreys)

11/19: Laini Giles’ Joy Girl launch (Audreys)

11/19: Christine Sinclair (Edmonton Convention Centre)

11/23: Andrew Greville Watts’ Affiliation signing (Audreys)


11/9: An Evening with Jason Hardwick (Grindstone)

11/9-11: Ryan Davis (Comic Strip)

11/10: Shaun Majumder (Festival Place)

11/10-11: Jon Dore (Yuk Yuk’s)

11/10-11: Dan Schmidt (Comedy Factory)

11/11: John Crist (Jubilee)

11/13: Paul Taylor (Comic Strip)

11/14: Leo Lins (Comic Strip)

11/15: Hyprov: Improv Under Hypnosis (Festival Place)

11/16-18: Aaron Weber (Comic Strip)

11/17-18: Michael Harrison (Yuk Yuk’s)

11/19: Danny Martinello + Ryan Short (Comic Strip)

11/22: Ben Bankas (Comic Strip)

11/22: Just For Laughs (River Cree)

11/23-26: Derek Seguin (Comic Strip)

11/24-25: Ted Morris (Yuk Yuk’s)

11/26: The Debaters Live on Tour Holiday Special (Festival Place)

11/30: Jeff Dunham: Still Not Cancelled (Rogers)

11/30-12/2: Rick Ingraham (Comic Strip)

12/8: Simon King (Dive Bar)

12/14-23: Die Harsh: A Christmas Musical (Varscona)

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1/19: Chelsea Handler: Little Big Bitch (Jubilee)

1/30: This Is That (Festival Place)


Thru 2/24: First Languages (St. Albert Musée Héritage Museum)


11/9-11: Broad View International Film Festival (Metro)

11/9, 30: Eats on 118 (Alberta Avenue)

11/16-17: Yikes Film Festival (Foundry Room)

11/18: All Is Bright (124 Street)


1/24-28: Winterruption YEG (various)

2/9-24: Canadian Birkie Ski Festival (Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area)

3/25-31: Springboards New Play Festival (Gateway Theatre)

5/2-4: Kinfest (Roxy)

5/14-19: From Cradle to Stage (Walterdale)

5/30-6/9: Nextfest (Roxy)

7/15-28: The Magpie Collective: A Dance Festival (MZD)


11/9: Fighting Through the Fog (Landmark)

11/9: McQueen, The First Monday in May (AGA)

11/9: Arab Women Say What?! (Metro)

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11/9: Shumka’s Mosquito’s Wedding in 3D (Landmark)

11/9-11: Broad View International Film Festival (Metro)

11/16-17: Yikes Film Festival (Foundry Room)

11/18: The Lebanese Burger Mafia (Metro)

11/24,28: Hands That Bind (Metro)

11/25: How to Ruin the Holidays (Metro)


11/9: Terri Clark, Paul Brandt (Jubilee)

11/9: Fionn, The Den (Temple)

11/9: Mackenzie Porter, Griffen Palmer (Cook County)

11/9: Portugal. The Man, Good Kid (EEC)

11/9: Ethan Tonak Jazz Trio (Blue Chair)

11/10: Diwali Fest 2023 (Union)

11/10: Richard Eaton Singers: Remember (Winspear)

11/10: Fold, Plead, False Body (Buckingham)

11/10: Caylie G & the Experience, Amanda Penner (Aviary)

11/10: Scott Helman, Sofia Camara (Starlite)

11/10: KISS (Rogers)

11/10: Misery Mountain Boys (Blue Chair)

11/10: Pineo & Loeb, Freddy J, Burchill (Starlite)

11/10: Profeti della Quinta (Robertson-Wesley United Church)

11/11: Alberta in Harmony: Moving Mahler (Winspear)

11/11: Brasstactics, Dirty Catfish Brass Band (Starlite)

11/11: Tom Cochrane, Trooper, Sass Jordan (EEC)

11/11: Condemned Remembrance Day Edition (Dive Bar)

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11/11: The Dice Cubes (Black Dog)

11/11: Display of Decay, Vaegon, Sadistic Embodiment (Starlite)

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11/11: .moneen., Sparta (Union)

11/11: A Remembrance Day Concert (First Presbyterian)

11/11: The Tea Party, I Mother Earth (Midway)

11/11: Truth & Agony, Boneyard, Musing (Aviary)

11/11: Wide Mouth Mason (Festival Place)

11/11: Brayden King, Martina Dawn (Cook County)

11/12: Brett Hansen (Blue Chair)

11/12: Korora, Vancouver Youth Choir, Corazon (First Baptist)

11/12: Loreena McKennitt (Jubilee)

11/12: Sam Singer w/ Aaron Parker, Conner Snell (Aviary)

11/12: Shania Twain, Tenille Townes (Rogers)

11/12: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Don Ross (Holy Trinity)

11/14: Jonas Brothers (Rogers)

11/14: Slaughter to Prevail (Union)

11/15: P.J. Perry Quartet (Blue Chair)

11/15: Ultra Mega, Smokey, Sean Davis Newton (Aviary)

11/16: Miss Pooja, Geeta Zaildar (Midway)

11/16: Revera, Velvet Concord, Paper Frogs (Aviary)

11/16: The Royal Foundry, Celeigh Cardinal, Eric Kane, Tea G (Starlite)

11/17: Culled, Repair, Sick Ritual (Dive Bar)

11/17: Key Glock (Union)

11/17: The Glorious Sons, The Blue Stones (Rogers)

11/17: Steve Pineo (Blue Chair)

11/17: Roll the Bones, Monks on Call, Mellow the Lion (Temple)

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11/17: Signs of the Swarm, To the Grave, Tidebringer, Sionis (Starlite)

11/17: Ultimate ’90s Dance Party (Starlite)

11/17: Vain, Repugnant Scum, Bitter Rivals (Aviary)

11/17-19,21: ESO Classics: Britten & Dvořák (Winspear)

11/18: Amapiano to the Moon 3.0 (Starlite)

11/18: Rosina Cove (Soho)

11/18: Dash Berlin, Darkside, Kjords (Union)

11/18: Stepan Giga (Union)

11/18: Gareth Gilliland (Blue Chair)

11/18: Nadine Kellman’s Birthday Bash (Black Dog)

11/18: Furthermore, Pridelands, Takesides (Dive Bar)

11/18: Donny Lee (Cook County)

11/18: Mouraine (Temple)

11/18: Skinny Puppy (Midway)

11/18: Starpainter, Booker Dicker and His Cribbage Club, Carter Felker (Aviary)

11/18: ZUMI Piano Duo (Muttart Hall)

11/19: Hayden (Festival Place)

11/19: The JAH Project (Blue Chair)

11/19: Musical Mornings (Winspear)

11/21: Cave to Hades, Burnbank, Kaunsel (Aviary)

11/21: Depeche Mode (Rogers)

11/21: Jacobs Plays Bach (Winspear)

11/22: The Barra Macneils’ East Coast Christmas (Winspear)

11/22: Charlotte Cardin (Midway)

11/22: Kalush Orchestra (Union)

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11/22: Opera Pub (Blue Chair)

11/23: Mariel Buckley & Suzie Ungerleider (Festival Place)

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11/23: The Cat Empire (Midway)

11/23: Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire), Super Ego, Fear the Mammoth (Buckingham)

11/23: Monowhales (Starlite)

11/23: Rum Ragged (Aviary)

11/24: Big Wreck (Midway)

11/24: The Flying Crawdads (Blue Chair)

11/24: The Hello Darlins (Festival Place)

11/24: Ill Defined, Umi Yokai, Sound Foundation (Aviary)

11/24: Le Youth (Chvrch of John)

11/24: Alix Perez (Starlite)

11/24-25: Tony Desare: Sinatra and Beyond (Winspear)

11/25: Dayglo Abortions, L.A.M.S., Supermodel Taxidermy (Temple)

11/25: UltraViolet Ensemble (Betty Andrews Recital Hall)

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11/25: Charlie Austin; Spiral Flamenco (Blue Chair)

11/25: Riot City, Spell, Tower Hill, Poltergeist (Starlite)

11/25: The Super 92 (Black Dog)

11/25: Katie Tupper (Aviary)

11/25: Frank Walker, Burgess, Kjords (Union)

11/26: Dan Davidson, Five Roses (Starlite)

11/26: Edmonton Youth Orchestra (Winspear)

11/26: Jim Findlay (Blue Chair)

11/27: Garneau String Quartet (Muttart Hall)

11/27: Meshuggah, In Flames (Midway)

11/29: The Celtic Tenors — A Celtic Christmas (Festival Place)

11/30: ESO New Music: Of Time & Flames: Poetry in Music (Winspear)

11/30: Fools, Rage Revival, Sexy Dreams (Aviary)

11/30: Hannah Georgas, Sam Lynch (Starlite)

12/1: Dave Babcock and the Nightkeepers (Blue Chair)

12/1: Bassjackers (Union)

12/1: Jed and the Valentine, Maddy Killoh, Travis Matthews (Aviary)

12/1: KOAN Sound (Starlite)

12/2: Sean Brewer (Black Dog)

12/2: Swiftmas: Taylor Swift Dance Party (Starlite)

12/3: DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia (Union)

12/3: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Vertex String Quartet (Holy Trinity)

12/4: Festival of Lessons & Carols (Winspear)

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12/5: Serena Ryder (Winspear)

12/6: Lagwagon (Union)

12/7: Blue Oyster Cult (River Cree)

12/7: Drake Milligan (Cook County)

12/8: Culture Shock, Nineteen91 (Starlite)

12/8: Grey the Band (Aviary)

12/8: Kentucky Eileen (Blue Chair)

12/8: The Kryple Experience (Temple)

12/8-9: Handel’s Messiah (Winspear)

12/9: Borgore, Grind Your Teeth (Union)

12/9: Brad Bucknell and the oHNo Band (Blue Chair)

12/9: Cikwes, Enoch Attey, Cheyenne Rain LeGrande (Aviary)

12/9: Raygun Cowboys, Fire Next Time, The Devil’s Sons (Starlite)

12/9: Tides of Kharon, Enosis, Tatara (Starlite)

12/14: Tenille Arts (River Cree)

12/15: Borrowed and Blue Christmas Show (Blue Chair)

12/15: Funk Hunters, Maddy O’Neal, Caraboo (Union)

12/15-16: ESO’s A Lightly Classical Christmas (Winspear)

12/16: Calcium, Chassi (Starlite)

12/16: Keithmas Food Bank Fundrager (Temple)

12/22: Sam Heine sings Sinatra (Blue Chair)

12/22: Kayzo (Midway)

12/22-23: ESO’s A Very Merry Pops (Winspear)

12/23: An Elegant Affair – A Very Count Basie Christmas (Triffo)

12/23: The Emo Nightmare Before Christmas w/ DJ Katie Sutton (Starlite)

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12/28-29: ESO’s Hollywood for the Holidays (Winspear)

12/29: The Velveteins (Aviary)

12/30: Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert (Winspear)

12/31: Fruit Loop New Year’s Eve 2024 (Starlite)


1/13: Logan Klaus (Starlite)

1/18: Jeremy Fisher (Festival Place)

1/18: The McDades (Maclab)

1/20: ESO’s Ennio Morricone: A Fistful of Film Scores (Winspear)

1/25: Machine Head (Midway)

1/26: Ghastly (Midway)

1/27: JP Saxe (Midway)

1/27: Alfie Zappacosta (Festival Place)

1/28: Musical Mornings (Winspear)

2/2: A Joni Mitchell Tribute: Sarah Slean with the ESO (Winspear)

2/8,10: ESO’s Mozart & Mendelssohn (Winspear)

2/9: Aaron Pritchett, Matt Lang (Century)

2/9: ESO’s Mendelssohn & Hope (Winspear)

2/10: City and Colour, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Ruby Waters (Rogers)

2/14: The Strumbellas (Midway)

2/15-16: Star Wars: A New Hope – In Concert (Jubilee)

2/20: The Man in Black (Midway)

2/23: The Rural Alberta Advantage (Midway)

2/23: Souls in Rhythm (Maclab)

2/24-25: ESO Classics: Stern Conducts Music of Courage & Resistance (Winspear)

2/27: Organist Mark McDonald Plays Holst’s the Planets (Winspear)

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3/1: Psycho Circus: Circus of Light (Starlite)

3/2: ESO’s Gerschwin, By George! Rhapsody in Blue’s 100th (Winspear)

3/4: Kxllswxych (Starlite)

3/7: Jeremie Albino (Starlite)

3/8: ESO Classics: Brahms’ Symphony No. 3 (Winspear)

3/9: Ímar (Festival Place)

3/9-10: Corb Lund, 49 Winchester (Midway)

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3/14: ESO’s Castle’s & Warriors: Transcendent Sounds (Winspear)

3/22: Bywater Call (Maclab)

3/23: Kevin Chen Plays Beethoven’s Emperor (Winspear)

3/23: Skofa, Dovi, Kozak Siromaha (Union)

3/30: Saxophonic Reverie w/ Melissa Aldana (Triffo)

3/31: Dahkabrakha (Winspear)

4/4-6: ESO Classics: The Organ Concert (Winspear)

4/6: Mini Pop Kids (Jubilee)

4/10-11,13: ESO’s The Magical Music of Harry Potter (Winspear)

4/12-13: ESO Robbins Pops: Latin Fire (Winspear)

4/19: ESO Pairings: Tchaikovsky & Folksong (WInspear)

4/20-21: Angela Cheng Plays Clara Schumann (Winspear)

4/25: ESO’s The Wolf of Lafontaine: Song & Dance (Winspear)

4/26-27: Celeigh Cardinal w/ the ESO (Winspear)

5/2: Rory Gardiner (Maclab)

5/2-4: ESO Classics: Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony (Winspear)

5/4: Talk (Midway)

5/9: Kim Churchill (Aviary)

5/11: M is for Music (Winspear)

5/14: Laube Plays Liszt (Winspear)

5/17: ESO Pairings: Rachmaninoff & Dance (Winspear)

5/18-19: ESO’s Fantastic Dances: Rachmaninoff & Ravel (Winspear)

5/23: Ones — The Beatles #1 Hits (Winspear)

5/31-6/1: ESO Robbins Pops: From Broadway to Hollywood (Winspear)

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6/2: Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony (Winspear)

6/4: Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic (Winspear)

6/12: Derina Harvey Band (Maclab)

6/13-15: ESO’s Marvellous Melodies: Dvořák’s Cello Concerto (Winspear)

6/16: Musical Mornings (Winspear)

6/21: Don Berner Big Band Meets the Rhythm Gunners Big Band (Triffo)

10/18: Jordan Davis (Rogers)

11/19: Bruce Springsteen (Rogers)


Thru 11/12: Mob (Gateway Theatre)

11/14-19:  Hadestown (Jubilee)

11/16-18: Good Women Dance Collective: Convergence (Westbury)

11/16-19: Disney On Ice: Into the Magic (Expo Centre)

Thru 11/19: Little Shop of Horrors (Citadel)

11/20: Tar Sands Songbook (Star of the North Retreat Centre)

11/23-12/3: Elf — The Musical (Arden)

11/25-12/23: A Christmas Carol (Citadel)

12/2: Timmy Happy Christmas (Festival Place)

12/5-23: With Bells On! The Musical (Roxy)

12/6-16: Harvey (Walterdale)

12/7-9: Almost a Full Moon (Citadel)

12/14-23: Die Harsh: A Christmas Musical (Varscona)

12/14-23: Girl Brain (Roxy)

12/15-16: BWDC presents Face to Face (Tim Ryan Black Box Theatre)

12/15-16: Shumka’s Nutcracker (Jubilee)

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12/15-24: The Nutcracker (Jubilee)

12/15-29: Narnia — The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe (Festival Place)

12/27-31: Cirque de Soleil CORTEO (Rogers)


1/9-14: Mean Girls (Jubilee)

1/18-20: She Loves You (Citadel)

1/19-2/15: Donna Orbits the Moon (Studio Theatre)

Thru 1/21: Alison Wunderland (Spotlight)

1/31-2/4: This is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear (Gateway Theatre)

2/1,3: Mozart’s Don Giovanni (Jubilee)

2/7-17: Amigo’s Blue Guitar (Walterdale)

2/9-10: Ballet Edmonton’s Avancer (Triffo)

2/10-3/3: Rubaboo (Citadel)

2/17: Gershwin’s Magic Key (Winspear)

2/18: Vástádus eana/ The answer is land (MZD)

2/23-24: Beijing Dance Theatre in Hamlet (Jubilee)

3/2: Bill Nye: The End is Nye (Jubilee)

3/2-31: The Sound of Music (Citadel)

3/8-9: Entre Chien et Loup (MZD)

3/14-16: Motown Getdown (Citadel)

3/16: Charlotte & the Music-Maker (Winspear)

3/22-23: Hansel & Gretel (Jubilee)

3/22-4/6: Champions of Magic (Festival Place)

3/31-4/21: The Mountaintop (Citadel)

4/2-21: Ronnie Burkett’s Wonderful Joe (Roxy)

4/5-20: Candy & The Beast (Studio Theatre)

4/11-12: Golijov’s Ayre (Triffo)

4/17-27: The Swearing Jar (Walterdale)

4/20-5/12: The Three Musketeers (Citadel)

5/3-4: Ballet Edmonton’s Unir (Triffo)

5/9-12: Hits of Broadway: Celebrating Motherhood (Citadel)

5/10-11: Der Wolf & The Rite of Spring (Jubilee)

5/17-6/2: Dead Letter (Gateway Theatre)

5/28-6/1: Wagner’s Das Rheingold (Maclab)

5/30-6/9: Nextfest (Roxy)

7/10-20: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (Walterdale)

The List is published every Thursday. If you have events you’d like amplified, or have any corrections or updates, please email [email protected].

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