'They left my son there to die': Edmonton mother of 13-year-old hit-and-run victim pleads for driver to come forward

“Instead of stopping and calling 911, they left my son there to die. They need to come forward and take accountability”

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In what had all the makings of a classic love story, Adam Edhi would often hop on the bus in the morning and go visit his girlfriend Mylie before the two went to their separate schools in south Edmonton.

That was just one of the many sweet gestures Edhi was known for.

But with the weather turning nicer on Wednesday, he was excited to ride his bicycle to see Mylie, 15, and he left extra early — but he didn’t make it.

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The 13-year-old was struck and killed in a hit-and-run crash on 34 Avenue and Millwoods Road at approximately 4:05 a.m.

Investigators are searching for the driver of a blue 2014-2018 Mazda 3 sedan or hatchback that sustained damage to the front end and driver’s side as a result of the collision.

His mother, Jessica Lynch, is pleading for the driver to come forward.

“Why didn’t they stop? They know what they did. They were going very fast, and they obviously know they hit someone,” said Lynch in an interview with Postmedia Friday morning.

‘Take accountability’

“Instead of stopping and calling 911, they left my son there to die. They need to come forward and take accountability.”

Lynch said Adam was disappointed he didn’t get a chance to see his girlfriend the evening before, so he planned to visit her in the morning. He was talking to Mylie’s younger sister on the phone at the time of the crash, to let the family know he was coming over.

Edmonton teenager bicycle crash
Adam Edhi, 13, was fatally struck in a hit and run while riding his bicycle Wednesday morning in south Edmonton. Edhi’s mother, Jessica Lynch, is pleading that the driver involved in the crash to come forward. Photo by Supplied Photo /Facebook

“She got off the phone and told her mom that it sounded like Adam crashed on his bike, and Mylie’s mom immediately called me,” recalled Lynch.

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Lynch had her son’s location programmed into her phone so immediately got dressed and went to the scene of the crash.

“The whole way there, I’m thinking in my head, I was just going to go pick him up off his bike, dust him off and bring him to Mylie’s house… but when I got there a police brigade was up. I knew something was terribly wrong,” said Lynch.

“The worst feeling was I couldn’t go see him… you’re just stuck waiting there. You’re just hoping it’s an accident and everything would be OK. Then, they came over and told me he was gone. There was nothing they could do.

“At that moment, all I could think about was why did he have to die alone? It’s my job to protect him and keep him safe. I couldn’t hold him, I couldn’t do anything. I had to stand behind a police line. I couldn’t be there for my baby.”

Lynch described Adam as the glue that holds their family together. A strong-willed, loyal and fun-loving young boy who was fascinated with the world. He attended Edith Rogers junior high school, and was looking forward to driving with his mom on her commute to work next year before he would then hop on the bus to go to Westmount high school.

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Building a bright future

Lynch said her son was excited to go to high school next year and begin building towards his bright future.

“He was the prankster that kept you smiling. He always wanted to keep everyone happy. He was everyone’s world. He was an amazing son, and amazing big brother to his siblings,” said Lynch.

The sudden loss of her son has devastated the family, but it’s also crushed Mylie’s family. The young couple had been dating for quite some time, and the bond the families shared between both kids was strong.

“Her family is hurting and is destroyed as well. He has a 15-year-old girl and her family who was absolutely in love with him,” said Lynch.

“They knew they loved each other, and we just wanted to let them be happy together. I am happy that my son got to experience love before he was taken from this world.”

Lynch acknowledges that some may wonder why her son would leave so early in the morning, but she said Adam was very mature for his age, responsible and trustworthy.

“I know he was young, and maybe 13 isn’t the best age to be running out the door at that time of the morning, he was a strong-willed kid,” said Lynch.

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“When his mind was made up on something, he always did it. There was nothing that would’ve changed his mind.”

‘She was his entire world’

Adam’s relationship with Mylie was a special one. The two of them spent every moment they could together, with Adam making sure he treated Mylie extra special, showering her with love and gifts every chance he got.

“There wasn’t an occasion that went by that he didn’t want to get her flowers, or a teddy bear or a necklace. He loved her so much. She was his entire world, and she brought the absolute best out of him,” said Lynch.

“He would always say ‘Mom, I love Mylie so much’. He was saving up for a ring for her. He was waiting for her 16th birthday to give her a (promise) ring. Not a lot of young boys have those types of dreams. That was his dream. He wanted to build a life and a family with Mylie.”

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