'Young and the Restless' star Eric Braeden rips 'dismal' Air Canada over 'arrogant staff'

‘Your NATIONAL AIRLINE is NOT GOOD ADVERTISING FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!’ soap star fumed in social media tirade

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Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden is lashing out at Air Canada after his son’s recent poor experience flying with the carrier.

Braeden took to X to blast the airline after his son, Christian Gudegast, was told he was too late to travel to Florida on a flight out of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

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“AIR CANADA is a dismal airlines, with an arrogant staff, mediocre service, etc!” Braeden, 82, began his lengthy tirade. “My son was just at Toronto airport, wanting to leave for FL! He was there in plenty of time for luggage to be stowed; they told him it took 3 hours to do so, obviously he asked why it took that long!! He learned later while going through US CUSTOMS THAT IT TOOK A FRACTION THEREOF.”

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Braeden continued his rant, adding that customs told his son his luggage was on the plane, but he somehow arrived too late to board his flight. “He again begged the people at gate to let him on! They refused because he hadn’t been there exactly 3 hours before! He then went to customer service only to encounter some very rude BITCH!! US customs just said ‘welcome to AIR CANADA’!”

The soap star said he loves visiting the country, but that Air Canada is the worst. “Your NATIONAL AIRLINE is NOT GOOD ADVERTISING FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!”

Fans quickly flooded Braeden’s post with their own negative experiences with the airline.

“Eric, we Canadians know, and now unfortunately you now know as well, that Air Canada’s motto is, ‘We’re not satisfied, until you’re not satisfied,’” one follower cheekily wrote.

Air Canada is an embarrassment to Canada. Sadly, WestJet, which used to be a better option, is traveling the same downward spiral,” another person wrote.

Braeden replied to many posts, citing corporate greed as the reason for the shoddy service and adding his own issues with U.S. airlines as well. But he also took on critics who tried to claim he was being entitled.

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When one person objected to his use of the word “bitch,” Braeden fired back: “Do you think your PC crap prevents me from calling what something or somebody is??? I’m from the old school.”

Braeden later returned to social media to remind followers he was “raised from early on to be polite to people of ALL stations in life!”

“[I] Have NEVER taken advantage of being a somewhat familiar face, NEVER! But you come at me with a snotty or rude attitude, I’ll come after you, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!” he wrote. “My son is one of THE most low key guys I know, was raised to be respectful to ALL people; but, again, when he encounters rudeness, he’ll respond… but he has a slower fuse than his father! It takes some really egregious behaviour for him to react!

“So for those of you who think I take advantage in any way.. I hate to disappoint your cliche assumption! I’m a very nice and respectful person, but if you f*** with me, different story! And, btw, my daughter in law is CANADIAN!”

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The Daytime Emmy winner then went on to hit out at airlines for cutting corners and packing in fliers like “sardines.”

“Airlines get away with the most egregious affronts to customers! All airlines have seating that is so crammed… and then go to their toilets !! MADE FOR LITTLE PEOPLE! OUTRAGEOUS!! I can only imagine the contortions a really tall or big person goes through to take a leak!! And we just tolerate it all [because] we have no other choice!!! An airline with more spacious seating and toilets and very polite service would clean up!!!”

Air Canada tried to reach out to Braeden following his diatribe, but the German-born actor did not respond publicly to their request.

Braeden then decided to put Germany’s Frankfurt Airport on blast.

“Talk about rude! You ain’t seen nothing yet until you disembark there to get another flight to somewhere else! Instead of having trained people at the gates where flights come in from overseas and welcoming strangers and asking where they’d like to go, they rudely leave you to your own devices!” he seethed. “SO STUPID AND SHORT SIGHTED! It’s the First impression of a country!! The personnel at FRANKFURT IS RUDE AND SHORT WITH PEOPLE!! Totally unnecessary!”

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His complaints had fans suggesting he “launch a travel show” with more “airport reviews.”

“Did I expect to burst out laughing at your Frankfurt Airport rant? No, but this is exactly what I need. Here you are kicking butts and slaying me with laughter. Thank you,” one follower wrote

“Let’s make this a regular feature,” another suggested.

“I’ll report from various airlines as I try to relieve myself in very cramped quarters!!” Braeden joked in return.

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